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Fostering Success: District Stories

Principals, teachers, and QUEST facilitators share how successful QUEST is for their districts. Students share insights on what they learned, how they interacted with peers, and how much fun it is to play QUEST. Learn how to supercharge summer.

I think QUEST is an awesome experience because kids our age can learn how to work with groups and not give up easily. QUEST is also an awesome experience because you can learn how to share what you think.
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The new skills I learned from playing QUEST are problem-solving and talking to my team instead of doing it by myself and failing.
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My favorite part of QUEST was seeing the students interact with one another and work out ways they can solve problems. It’s always good to see students help each other, joke with one another, and learn from mistakes. I saw students grow as leaders. QUEST does a fabulous job teaching students how to collaborate and work together to achieve a goal!
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You can see the growth immediately. It’s night and day with some of the children.

We’re challenging students with an unforgettable gamified, problem-solving experience. QUEST is fast, engaging, and fun. It merges physical and digital game components with social-emotional learning. The result is a strong academic outcome mixed with an enriching experience.

We’re on a QUEST to inspire the
next generation of problem solvers



Panama-Buena Vista USD

Bakersfield, California, United States



Fresno Unified School

Fresno, California, United States



Anaheim Elementary School

Anaheim, California, United States



Northwest ISD

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

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Students Play, Connect and Create It offers problem-based learning, social-emotional development, art & writing through immersive gameplay. The result is powerful and purposeful play!
Michele Reid, Director of Expanded Learning in Visalia USD
I taught the first 3 days of the winter intersession for the Quest program at one of our schools two weeks ago. I had a board member sit in and watch my class for a full session and she was thoroughly impressed with the program and went back to the board this week raving about it. I also sent my teachers a post survey for them to take to get additional feedback moving forward. I am very hopeful moving forward with our continued partnership
Student, Anaheim Elementary School District
The QUEST experience was thrilling, with tons of mysteries and excitement. I love everything about QUEST, the challenges, the puzzles, the episodes, etc.
Teacher, Anaheim Elementary School District
QUEST is a highly motivational game that can help build a classroom community. Kids can have fun and use logic in order to solve puzzles and real world problems.
Student, Anaheim Elementary School District
I now believe that I am awesome and smart. thank you for boosting my self esteem :)
Teacher, Anaheim Elementary School District
My favorite were the challenges because the students had an opportunity to show their strengths or help others develop their abilities. I also really liked the lessons at the end of each session. It helped reinforce the skills we teach with Common Sense Education and gave an additional perspective to those lessons.
Student, David Unified School District
I think I learned better communication and teamwork skills. I also think that I could work better at making friends with these skills.
Student, Davis USD
Yes, because it made team learning more enjoyable and I think it helped me use my brain in a more creative way, rather than in the usual assignments we do in school where our imagination is limited. It also helped me meet amazing people who were really fun to work with. I was also more motivated to go to camp and I wanted to win challenges and do well.
Administrator, Panama Buena Vista Unified School District
I observed teachers learning to embrace a world of student-led learning and realizing project-based learning is not hard to facilitate... and can be FUN.
Teacher, Panama Buena Vista Unified School District
The impact for our special ed students' feeling included with the general education lessons. Opportunities for students who have never been tapped as a leader to show their leadership qualities.
Student, Panama Buena Vista Unified School District
I loved it. It taught me empathy and how to work together. It helped me to be a better person.
Teacher, Panama Buena Vista Unified School District
My favorite part of QUEST was the collaboration, high academic vocabulary, and most importantly learning about what is needed to solve real world issues.
Student, Panama Buena Vista Unified School District
Quest is an amazing game with challenge, imagination, and teamwork. The game is full of amazing challenges such as the wifi tower, there is also mystery such as the vault, Sam, Sam's brother, and the Curator.
Student, Richland School District One
I think QUEST helped me with my people skills , and knowing how to communicate better.. and knowing I have great leadership skills that I didn’t know I had!!!
Student, Union School District
I think I benefited from playing QUEST because this program taught me different life skills like collaborating with one another, which would help me in my adulthood. In addition, it also doesn't limit my imagination in QUEST. Overall, I really enjoyed this summer camp and look forward to playing season 2.
I enjoyed seeing my students so engaged and truly having fun within the classroom, since COVID and school closures it has been difficult to regain student engagement and I feel that Quest was a great way to reignite their interest in learning and working together.
The training, the laughter, the product, and the list could go on. However, the most tremendous part of Quest is how it allows students to invest in their learning.
Facilitating and watching the students play to their strengths was cool to see. They knew which challenges they would be better at completing. Seeing their teamwork and excitement whenever they got a code or unlocked a new part was awesome!
I benefited from quest because it showed me how to become stronger and more aware of the real-life problems that are going on in the world right now and it was also fun because it showed me how to be more aware of my surroundings and in all, quest is a really great game I would surely want to play again.=)
I think the many team building skills instilled throughout the program. Students had to really step up their game, pay attention and help their tribe to succeed. These skills are lifelong and necessary when working both independently and with a group in a professional environment.
My students had to tap into their creativity and critical thinking skills more than they get the chance to during regular school. This program caused them to think about more than just basic arithmetic and ELA skills that they are used to doing during the school year; they had to use problem solving skills in a real-life fictional situation. I feel like it was way more beneficial and enjoyable than the typical summer school curriculum.