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Alignment Guide
How QUEST Aligns to SEL & Core Content Connections

Discover how QUEST aligns across your curriculum needs, from ELA & Math to Social-Emotional CASEL Frameworks to build Career Readiness. 


Shaping Future Innovators and Problem Solvers

QUEST Episode Alignment Cover
  • Aligning with CASEL Framework for Holistic Development

    Enrich student learning by integrating essential social and emotional skills outlined in the CASEL Framework.

  • Adhering to ELA & Math for Academic Excellence

    Episodes align with Common Core Standards, TEKS, and NYS NGLS, enhancing literacy and math skills through engaging and immersive learning experiences.

  • Fostering Career Readiness with the CCSS  Career Anchor Standards

    Prepare students for future careers with lessons aligned to Career Anchor standards, fostering passion and proficiency.

What is QUEST?

QUEST introduces a fresh approach to learning with its immersive experience that positively influences students’ learning outcomes, seamlessly transferring cognitive, social, and emotional skills throughout their school day.