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Panama-Buena Vista Union School, Bakersfield, California, United States

When the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District implemented QUEST, it focused on two key components for its students: Communication and Collaboration.

Educators reported that English-language learners in this district directly benefited from QUEST. The collaborative elements of the program, along with the videos, helped these students strengthen their language skills, which built their confidence.

Here’s what one educator told us:

It helped the students not only find their voice and confidence but it gave some students, who don't have a chance to shine academically, to really show what their strengths are to be valued by their team. I saw that I want to add more group and team building into my class during the regular year.

Students who participated in QUEST successfully:

  • Strengthened communication skills with peers and adults
  • Engaged in teamwork
  • Listened to classmates’ ideas and opinions

In QUEST Summer Academy 2022, students reported that before playing QUEST, they listened to others only 54% of the time. But after playing QUEST, they indicated listening to others 65% of the time.

One student told us:

I really like working as a group to solve problems because everyone has these different skills that they can use.

Student interaction and conversation is important on so many levels. It strengthens language skills, fosters community, builds empathy, and develops friendship. In our assessment, 71% of students indicated they actively talk to others when playing QUEST compared with only 58% who say they actively talk to others while in their traditional school setting.