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Fresno Unified School, California, United States

Fresno Unified School District was searching for ways to connect students to their school, become actively engaged in projects, and build excitement for learning. This California district found it in QUEST.

There’s no “right answer” or “wrong answer” in this program. QUEST’s goal is to simulate real-world experiences while putting the focus on human interaction. In order to succeed in the game, kids must work together, overcome conflict, and convince each other of their ideas. QUEST is a safe place to do that. There’s no pressure to do things a certain way. There’s no pressure to think a certain way. Students simply have to step in and contribute. Each student’s contribution brings value.

One student told us:

It was fun because you got to work together and have fun with everyone and meet new people and also interact with a lot of people.

In QUEST Summer Academy 2022, students realized that working with others is useful in solving problems. Before playing QUEST with a team, only 43% of students indicated working with others is beneficial. In contrast, after playing QUEST, 54% of students reflected that working collaboratively was useful in solving problems.

Another student shared this:
“Being in a group and cooperating with others is how I made lots of friends and knew that we have lots in common.”

Students who participate in QUEST successfully:

  • Improve their confidence
  • Are challenged in a friendly and safe environment
  • Apply critical-thinking strategies and problem-solving skills

In One educator shared with us:

Sometimes adults take the fun out of learning because we think they should learn a certain way. There’s no one certain way to learn something.

QUEST plants a seed in educators. When a teacher facilitates QUEST, they will have so many “ah-ha” moments of how they may be able to engage their students outside of QUEST to create the next generation of problem solvers.