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Anaheim Elementary School, California, United States

How to Nurture Problem Solving Skills through Experiential Learning

Career and college readiness are top priorities for Anaheim Elementary school district. QUEST offers a unique and engaging experience to prepare students for the future. QUEST incorporates experiences to ready students for the workforce by building critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Students who experience QUEST report that they feel better prepared and confident to thrive today and in their future.

Here’s what one educator told us:

QUEST has team building and challenges where students have to use engineering practices and thinking skills. It has been a great asset for them.

After using QUEST during summer 2021, 60% of teachers believe that the program helps prepare students for the workforce. Both students and educators reported an 80% increase in critical thinking and a 14% increase in the use of imagination when problem solving. During this summer program, students noted that QUEST helped them use their imagination more than if they were in school. Educators reported a 40% increase in creativity by students using QUEST, which is a key component in problem solving.

Students who participate in QUEST successfully:

  • Become problem-solvers
  • Strengthen persistence/grit
  • Develop the 4Cs: Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration

One student told us:

We communicate in different ways. We have different mindsets so we put the different mindsets together for something that’s out of the ordinary.

QUEST allows students to build the skills necessary to develop self-efficacy. Student engagement is paramount to any effective education program, and our QUEST data yields clear results to support increased student achievement and educator success.